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 Download Dixit for Windows 8/7/Vista/XP

The first three Windows files available for download contain the program, database and source code. The last two Windows files contain complete Dixit projects for MS Visual C++. The projects in these toolkits and the executable files created by them have no external dependencies, as they include Qt 3.3.8b and 4.8.4 libraries compiled static.

Dixit 11.11 Type Size Windows Description
Download .exe 33,806,914 32-bit Setup program
Download .7z 30,832,478 32-bit All program files
Download .zip 45,687,875 32-bit All program files
Download .7z 16,772,272 32-bit MS VC2010 projects
Download .7z 16,508,336 32-bit MS VC2008 projects

 Download Dixit for GNU/Linux

Dixit 11.11 Type Size OS Description
Download .tgz 165,031 Any platform Qt 4.2+ source code
Download .tgz 124,130 Any platform Qt 3.3+ source code
Download .tar.bz2 34,050,206 Any platform Database
Download .tgz 361,591 Any platform Qt 5 source code - development version