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 Installation (Windows)

  1. Download from here the installation program dixit-win32-setup.exe (32 MB);
  2. Run the installation program. This will install Dixit and the database containing over 522,000 definitions.
  3. To update the definitions database, press the update button . If the computer is connected to the Internet, the new definitions will be downloaded from the dexonline.ro server.

 Installation (Linux)

Minimum requirements: Qt 4.2.0 or Qt 3.3.0 or any later versions should be already installed on your computer. All Qt library versions can be found here. Qt library installation details differ from a platform to another. However, compiling Dixit is always similar to what is described below.

  1. Find Qt version:
    qmake -v
  2. Download the source code for Qt 4.2+ dixit-11.11.4.tgz or for Qt 3.3+ dixit-11.11.3.tgz. For Qt 5.0+ download the development version dixit-14.2.5-dvlp.tgz.
  3. Unpack:
    Qt4: tar xvzf dixit-11.11.4.tgz
    Qt3: tar xvzf dixit-11.11.3.tgz
  4. Compile:
    cd dixit
    If Qt was compiled with the option -no-zlib, then in the project file (dixit-11.11.3.pro or dixit-11.11.4.pro) the following line has to be added
    LIBS += -lz
    before running qmake. For Fedora and Slackware, the Qt library is not linked to zlib, and therefore one has to modify the project file. However, for Ubuntu and Mandriva, the project file does not have to be modified.
  5. Run the program:
    or specifying the database file on the command line:
    dixit /home/me/dixit/dixit.qdb
  6. Download dixit.qdb.tar.bz2 (32 MB), unzip it, and store it in the Dixit directory.
  7. To finalize the install, copy the dixit executable into a destination that is in PATH, and move the database into a location where any user can write it. Run dixit specifying the database on the command line. For example:
    cp dixit /usr/local/bin/
    mkdir /var/lib/dixit
    mv dixit.qdb /var/lib/dixit/
    chmod 0666 /var/lib/dixit/dixit.qdb

    dixit /var/lib/dixit/dixit.qdb

    NOTES: The QDBM database depends on the machine's endian architecture. The Dixit database available for download is for the little endian architecture, which is the most popular for desktop machines.
    A QDBM little endian database contains [depot] at offset 0, while a big endian database contains [DEPOT] at offset 0.
    Any QDBM database can be exported as an endian independent data file. In order to do this, the "dpmgr" application that comes with QDBM can be used. Running
    dpmgr exportdb name file
    in the command line, an endian independent data file is obtained. Running
    dpmgr importdb [-bnum num] name file
    a QDBM big or little endian database is created from an endian independent data file.

 Using Dixit

To search a word, enter it in the search box and press Enter. You can search the definitions of a set of words by using the special characters "?" (which matches any letter) and "*" (which matches any sequence of letters, including the empty sequence). For example, the search "*ab?c" will return the definitions of ABAC, MONOSILABIC, TRABUC etc.

You can find some basic info on the Romanian language on this Wikipedia page.